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I’m not a scientist, but I believe that the last word with regard to the species and subspecies of Dasypeltis has yet not been spoken. If something new comes up, I will consider updating my homepage accordingly. This website is mainly intended to assist and help with the keeping and breeding of Dasypeltis and to give an overview of the individual species.
The overview provided on this homepage is based on data gathered during 35 years of personal experience, added to which is information from publications that I have read during this period of time. Also added are insights gleaned from the one or other chat with other keepers of representatives of this genus.
I hope I could provide you with some helpful information. There are some articles in journals, e.g. about D. scabra by Emmrich, D. (Aquarien Terrarien) and Hermann, R. (Sauria), about D. atra by Necas, P. (Reptilia) and Axmann, M. (Reptilia), about D. m. lamuensis by Hermann, R. (Sauria) and about D. fasciata by me (Sauria). About Dasypeltis in general: by Switak, K.H. (Datz), Göthel, H. (Draco) and Kulmus, H. (herpetofauna). There is also a book (Art für Art) about D. scabra by Scheurer, T. (NTV).